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About Our Studio

iDance is a family run studio and our goal is well defined in our tag line,




 There is a dancer in us all. With the right mind set, support and hard work you can grow into the dancer you want to be. iDance intends to pull the very best out of each student by challenging them and giving everyone equal opportunity to succeed. We stand by providing a fun, positive environment where everyone can grow. 

 iDance Studio has highly qualified instructors that will not only provide excellent dance instruction but also serve as role models for our dancers.  We want our dancers to grow in the art of dance and individually. At iDance we encourage dancers to work hard, evolve, and strive to be confident and their very best. With experienced and professional instructors, age appropriate choreography/costuming, and classes that will push dancers, iDance commits to being a classy and first rate studio!

Join our dance family and let us guide you in sharing your passion for dance!

Teaching kids to dance in gilbert
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